“Token Burn” – Anniversary NFT Collection

“Token Burn” – Anniversary NFT Collection

November 20, 2022 $FIRE Announcements 0
“Token Burn” – NFT Collection

Its been really hard to keep this quiet, but we are finally ready to announce the details behind the new Anniversary NFT Collection we are dropping. This has been a collaborative effort with a local artist from the Boulder, Colorado area as well as a local charity which aligns with our mission of supporting wildfire recovery efforts directly in the Boulder, Colorado area.

We chose to celebrate our first Anniversary, which is a major milestone for all of us, by dropping this NFT collection on our one year anniversary of minting $FIRE Token. The total supply of $FIRE Token was minted one year ago on December 5, 2021 and we are extremely excited for this drop and the support we’ll be able to provide to our mission.

The Charity organization is the Community Foundation of Boulder County and we’ll specifically be supporting the Boulder County Wildfire Fund. This is the same fund we donated to back in January 2022 shortly after the Marshall Fire devastated nearly 1000 homes in Boulder County the night before New Years Eve. We will allocate 20% (11 ₳) from each NFT sale in the collection, which at todays current rate would result in a donation of roughly $400 USD when the collection sells out!

The collection consists of a total of 115 unique 1:1 NFTs, comprised of 5 different *visions* the artist used for inspiration. 

The visions are: 

  • Inferno Token (20)
  • Golden Flares (20)
  • Scorched Plans (35)
  • Burning Medallion (20)
  • Ancient Flames (20)

Each NFT will be sold for 55 ₳ and is distributed with 40% going directly to the fireDAO Treasury, 20% allocated to our Charity Wallet to be donated as mentioned above, 20% directly to the artist, and 20% to the $FIRE Token Team.

This collection will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis using a single address drop at a predefined date and time. To make this as fair as possible, we are limiting to 1 per transaction and we are also announcing the address/handle now in this announcement and on our social channels to help combat against scammers posting scam addresses on the drop date.


Mint Info

Date: December 5, 2022
Time: 18:00 UTC
Price: 55 ₳
Mint Address: addr1v92qvsqjr863apsmstqcpvle062c4ctun579u0e7ekke4xqgspymf

*Limit 1 per transaction, no limit per wallet. Any amounts sent prior to mint date/time, after collection is sold out, or any incorrect amounts – will be refunded (minus tx fee). Policy ID: c04a47a2f471343b7a2067969fd1e45c2548dcedb7c924bbd2649502

The collection is already verified on jpg.store and can be found here: https://www.jpg.store/collection/tokenburn for all secondary transactions. The collection has a 5% Royalty attached to all secondary sales, which will be deposited directly in the fireDAO Royalty Wallet per the whitepaper.

We are really proud of this milestone and what this collection represents. We hope this achievement demonstrates how we continue to focus on the core mission of the $FIRE Token Project which is a mission-driven memecoin Community supporting Wildfire Prevention and Recovery efforts, while also directly benefiting our Community by allocating the majority of the proceeds to the fireDAO which is wholly owned by you (fireDAO NFT Holders).

Now, what would a NFT Collection announcement be without a sneak peek…