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$FIRE Token

A community focused memecoin on the Cardano blockchain with a mint supply of only 500,000,000 tokens. Our only aim is to build a community with a shared desire to support Wildfire Prevention and Recovery initiatives, including Local Fire Departments and Community Outreach programs, with a goal to give back to our own Communities. 

Help fight fire with $FIRE. 

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The ol’ roadmap that every project must have…

Q4 – 2021

* Project Inception
* Mint Tokens 
* Build faucet/vending app
* Build out community social platforms 
* Setup regular donation to charity org
* Prepare to list on first DEXs (pull request submitted)

Q1 – 2022

* Continue to list on more DEXs
* Create $FIRE/ADA LP 
* $FIRE Token as SPO Rewards via DripDropz
* Launch Stake Pool

Q2 – 2022

* fireDAO Launched
* WingRiders Listing
* Rewards via

Q3 – 2022

* CardanoLands Partnership
* fireDAO NFT rewards via DDz/TTs

Q4 – 2022

* Token Burn – Anniversary NFT Collection

*Subject to change by community direction.
** Updated Roadmap can be found in Discord server.

Token Distribution

How the tokens are divied up


64% + 1%

Community Distribution
Charity Wallet

320,000,000 $FIRE 

Wallet (addr1v9q…8hm9)
Charity Wallet (addr1qxh…w02f5)



Set aside for stake pool rewards and LPs on DEXs

100,000,000 $FIRE

Wallet (addr1q89…ex2pk)



A little something for the team to keep them motivated!

50,000,000 $FIRE 

Wallet (addr1q84…rmg5u)



You know, marketing. Giveways and such.

25,000,000 $FIRE 

Wallet (addr1q9s…66sj3)
Calwood Fire – Boulder, COunty – 2020

Lets use $FIRE to fight actual fires!

Whats more fitting (or ironic, idk?) but to use $FIRE tokens to help fight actual fires. Well, thats exactly what we are doing. We have set aside 5,000,000 $FIRE tokens in our ‘Charity Wallet’ to fund Community Outreach initiatives as the project succeeds. We also pledge to make a quartly donation to the Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund with proceeds from the sale of the tokens.

LEARN MORE Charity Wallet

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Latest News

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Final Donation – Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund

$FIRE Community Update: Successful Final Donation for Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund Dear $FIRE Community, We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our final charitable donation, marking a significant[…]

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September 11, 2023 0

“Token Burn” – Anniversary NFT Collection

Its been really hard to keep this quiet, but we are finally ready to announce the details behind the new Anniversary NFT Collection we are dropping. This has been a[…]

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November 20, 2022 0

Quarterly Donation (Q3/2022)

Once again, as promised from the inception of the project, making our Quarterly donation for Q3/2022 to the Colorado Wildfires Recovery Fund with project funds. Sadly, due to market conditions,[…]

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November 3, 2022 0

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