We’re on SundaeSwap!

We’re on SundaeSwap!

January 21, 2022 $FIRE Announcements 0

What a day!!

Today is a major milestone not only for our project, but for Cardano as a whole!

Today we saw the launch of the first truly decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain – specifically – the first dApp DEX that uses 100% smart contracts.

Of course, it came with quite the hiccups. Most notably the massive load and congestion on the Cardano network as well as the wallets used on our network. Regardless of these challenges, you can not argue the significance of it all.

With that being said, I’m proud to announce that we are officially listed on SundaeSwap on launch day!!

The Liquidity Pool thats been created is very small. It was created using a wallet that had a small test amount of tokens and ADA as a precaution due to the known instability of the project/network on launch day.

Please note — we will be adding additional liquidity to this pool from the LP/SPO reserve wallet along with ADA reserved from the Fire Hose — as the network, wallets, and platform issues/congestion subside.

Of course, you are free to add liquidity to the pool as well. Providing liquidity to the pool will allow the token to be freely traded (swapped) on the platform, while earning yourself a percentage of the fees of each swap.

Its only the beginning!