Boulder / Marshall Fire

Boulder / Marshall Fire

December 31, 2021 $FIRE Announcements 0

Update — Jan 2, 2022

As promised, full transparency…
Over the last two days we pulled aside 2 ADA directly from each token sale. That ADA was sent to a brand new wallet (link below for transparency). Today, I am PROUD to share that we were able to raise 139.68 ADA which has a current market value of $191.36 and I can also share that $FIRE Token made its first philanthropic move to actually help fight fire with $FIRE. I am really proud of the #CardanoCommunity for helping me support a cause that not only directly affects my family but countless others here in Colorado and many other parts of the country. Please consider sharing this to show others that a memecoin community can be more than just memes and rug pull jokes.

Let me start by offering our prayers to all of the families impacted by the #MarshallFire. It goes without saying that the loss these families are experiencing is simply unimaginable.

This truly hit home. We live in Boulder County about 10 miles away. The evacuations affected family friends and colleagues. This morning we can say that everyone we know is safe and their homes suffered no loss.

As the project tagline says; part memecoin, part community & Help fight fire with $FIRE … well, this is where I hope to use this community platform to help make a difference.

Two parts:

1. Spread the word on how to help! Here are links to where you can help by donating to organizations and communities directly involved with this fire.

2. I pledge to donate (with full transparency) 2 ADA from all token transactions made through the end of the day tomorrow to the Community Foundation – Boulder County Wildfire Fund (link above).

Bonus: the $FIRE hose will be spraying out tokens with a 3x multiplier!

full transparency:

I will be donating 100% of this wallets balance on Monday Jan. 3, 2022 — feel free to donate ADA directly to the wallet and I will donate the total balance while providing and posting screenshot evidence for full transparency.